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Glowagen Cordyceps IMMU-BOOST

Unlock your vitality with Glowagen Cordyceps IMMU-BOOST and glow from within. Wherever life takes you, Glowagen puts your wellness first with potent high-performing supplements that you can trust and incorporate in your daily routine.

Glowagen Cordyceps IMMU-BOOST is packed with the adaptogenic power of Cordyceps, nature’s immunity superstar. The exceptional mushroom-based formula is your ultimate ally in combating fatigue, breathing difficulties and promoting high energy levels.

We go the extra mile with our proprietary blend of immunity-boosting, nourishing ingredients that revive your wellbeing. Each capsule is a treasure trove of bioactive compounds, and includes ingredients such as Lactoferrin, Heme Iron, Royal Jelly and Fermented Dark Honey. Each work synergistically to bolster your immune response, promote respiratory health, and help you succeed with energy in the face of daily stressors.

Your secret weapon to a glowing, resilient you. Thrive with every capsule.

Main Ingredients

1. Cordyceps CS-4
Strengthens the body, respiratory functions and immunity, while elevating energy levels.Cultivated from the finest quality Cordyceps Sinensis strain, Paecilomyces Batatus, which have been a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine for generations. 

2. Lactoferrin
Supports the body's natural defense mechanisms with anti-inflammatory benefits, promotes healthy microbial activity, and assists in iron absorption.

A multi-functional protein found in milk which regulates iron absorption. This ingredient has been American infant GRAS certified, and has passed the EU Novel Foods Audit.

3. Heme 

Plays a crucial role in energy levels, producing immune cells and healthy red blood cells which help to defend the body against infection and transports oxygen around the body. 


Iron is a fundamental nutrient for the body, and in the form of Heme Iron which is derived from meat, is easily absorbed.

4. Royal Jelly

Natural energy booster that reduces inflammation, strengthens immunity, while promoting overall physiological vitality with an added benefit to enrich skin complexion.


A nutritious holy grail ingredient produced by worker bees to feed the queen bee throughout her life. Rich in glutamic acid, proline, branched-chain amino acids, among others.

5. Fermented Dark Honey

Defends against pathogens, supports resilient respiratory function, while serving as a source of energy, offering an added boost of essential nutrients that supports skin hydration.A type of honey that produces Gluconic acid as a result of the fermentation process, which is known for exhibiting antimicrobial, detoxifying properties.


Intended as a daily supplement.

3 Capsules of Glowagen Cordyceps IMMU-BOOST can be consumed at any time during the day, before or after meals.