ALQVIMIA Cabin Generous Bust Oil (250ml)

ALQVIMIA Cabin Generous Bust Oil (250ml)

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Product Description:
Alqvimia Generous Bust Oil is a body treatment to visibly re-shape your bust volume and enhance your silhouette in a 100% natural way.

Generous Bust Oil is formulated to accentuate the appearance of breasts for an increased breast volume perception and roundness while also moisturising, nourishing and firming to delicately take care of one of the most sensitive areas of a woman body.

It also provides a preventive anti-stretch mark treatment as well as a dermoprotective effect for a soft and smooth look to the skin, making it appear visibly nourished and moisturised. Thus, it naturally enhances appeal of the neckline.

The most precious natural and organic oil for the bust and neckline area !

Origin: Spain

Key ingredients:
Muira Puama – Amazon plant rich in sterols and alkaloid (muirapuamine) ; aphrodisiac virtues
Hazelnut – soothes, protects and improves skin elasticity
Sacha Inchi – improves the skin's elasticity ; protects skin from dehydration
Rosehip – skin healing properties ; restores softness and suppleness
Ylang ylang – very sensual, relaxing, inspiring and vitalising oil ; skin conditioning, toning and cell regenerating effect
Fennel – diuretic, anti-cellulite properties
Lemon – slimming, detoxifying properties

Natural bust oil for all skin types.

100% of ingredients from natural origin

Apply Alqvimia's bust enhancing oil daily with a gentle circular massage 12 times clockwise and 12 counter-clockwise until completely absorbed.

For greater effectiveness, use this natural breast treatment after a bath or shower and apply to slightly wet skin.

Caution : do not expose skin to the sun or other sources of UV light after using Generous Bust oil.