ALQVIMIA Shape Reducer - Body Oil (500ml)

ALQVIMIA Shape Reducer - Body Oil (500ml)

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Product Descrpition:
Alqvimia Shape Reducer oil is a body treatment that brings together the finest, high quality plant oils with the effectiveness of the purest essential oils in a body treatment formulated to combat excess body volume.

This slimming body oil activates lipolysis and promotes the elimination of accumulated fat by stimulating and detoxifying the skin tissues, improving micro-circulation and promoting cellular renewal while visibly reducing body volume.

Liquid retention is also one of the greatest causes of weight and size gain. This highly concentrated slimming body oil is the natural solution to the “blown up” feeling that so many women feel and help you feel lighter, toned and “deflated”.

Feel confident knowing that you are nourishing your skin as well as enjoying a new silhouette.

Origin: Spain

Key ingredients:
Almond – lends suppleness and softness to the skin
Geranium – anti-cellulite, diuretic properties
Juniper – draining, purifying, anti-cellulite properties
Cypress – improves blood circulation ; tones muscles
Cedar – antiseptic, diuretic properties
Peppermint – invigorating, refreshing properties
Lemon – slimming, detoxifying properties

Apply Alqvimia's shape reducer body oil daily, preferably at night, with vigorous ascending massage on the area to be treated, after a bath or shower while skin is still lightly moist.  For greater effectiveness, use this natural slimming body treatment after exfoliating your skin with a natural body scrub.