Glowagen Probiotics + Prebiotics (益生菌)  x 1

Glowagen Probiotics + Prebiotics (益生菌) x 1

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* Caution: People with known medical conditions should consult their health care professional before adding to their diet.

Warning: this product may contain milk. It is not recommended for those with sensitivities, allergies or are taking prescribed medication. Please consult further with your medical practitioner.

GLOWAGEN Probiotics + Prebiotics (60g/box, 2g x 30 packets) 

Product Description: 

Glowagen Probiotics + Prebiotics are made in Taiwan, it is formulated with patented coating technology and symbiosis fermentation. Rich in 100% natural
sources of Probiotics which contain 15 Billion+ live probiotic cultures and 19 strains of mixed
probiotics to regulate, maintain body health, and promote metabolism. Preferable granule forms,
a safe, stable, and efficient daily supplement for all ages.

Origin: Taiwan

Active ingredient: 
19 Strains mixed probiotics, 15Billion+ live probiotic cultures

 Adults 1-2 packets per day, pregnant or lactating women also; suitable for 4 months and above, half per packet per day is recommended (could be mixed with breast milk or formula under moderate temperature)

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