SKINTECH IPLase Mask Heat Shock Proteins Inducer (50ml)

SKINTECH IPLase Mask Heat Shock Proteins Inducer (50ml)

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Product Description:
Helps to prevent damages that are potentially induced by therapies that cause inflammation or a significant increase in skin temperature (laser, intense pulsed light, UV radiation, thermo- genic radio frequencies, radiotherapy, etc). Also specially recommended after medium-depth and deep peelings.

・Contain HSP inductor protects skin against chemical and thermal Aggressions and increases skin regeneration
・Vitamins C, A, H, and Bifida ferments extracts help to repair DNA after light-induced DNA damage and boost
・Methionine anti-PIH, methyl donor for Taurine, helping the body to synthesize Phaeomelanine and not Eumelanin
・Resveratrol and Vit. E help to protect SOD and fight with free radicals

Active ingredients:
SOD, Ubiquinone, Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) inducer, Vitamins A, C, H, Methionine, Organic Silicium, Urea, Allantoine, Bifida ferments extracts, Chondrus Crispus extracts

Suitable for Post Pico, laser treatment, and deep peeling treatments.

Origin: Spain

Apply a thick layer immediately after having subjected the skin to any aesthetic treatment twice a day and use sunscreen after applying IPlease Mask.